Topics to start blogging about

Are you looking to start a blog, but don’t know what to write about? The good news is – the world is your oyster. There are blogs out there on all kinds of topics, and some you might never have given much thought to before. Whatever your interested or your niche, there’s a blog topic for you. Take a look at some of the following topics to start blogging about and who knows; you could soon become the internet’s next top blogger!WordPress Compose


If you love clothes, trends and all things couture, then a fashion blog could be right up your street. Fashion bloggers cover all kinds of topics from the latest trends to style guides, reviews and general fashion topics. It can be a fun way to showcase your style and create a space that others can engage and share their ideas too. 

While there are a lot of fashion bloggers out there, you can add a new angle to your blog, such as sustainable fashion, money-saving fashion tips and others. Style is unique and your blog will be too, the perfect way for you to share your love of fashion.


Everyone’s got to eat, right? That’s why food blogs are so popular. Food is a popular topic on the internet, with people constantly looking for recipes, the latest trends and just general ways to show their love of food. Your food blog can be a mix of anything from sharing your personal recipes to restaurant reviews- or a mix of the two!

Food blogs can be a wonderful outlet to show off your culinary creations. Added to an Instagram page or YouTube account, you could soon end up with a very popular channel on your hands.


Like fashion bloggers, you won’t be short of beauty bloggers online to give you some inspiration. You can write about topics such as the latest products, reviews and sharing your own beauty tips, rituals and tutorials. There’s a lot of scope for what you can write about, including hair, skincare and makeup, helping you to create a rich source of content for your readers. 

Beauty blogs can be a trusted resource, providing real views and opinions that can inform buying choices and help both you and your readers indulge in their love of all things beauty.


Lifestyle bloggers blog about all kinds of topics, including a mixture of beauty, fashion, home, fitness, travel and others. If you have multiple interests and passions, then a lifestyle blog can be a great umbrella for all of the things you want to write about.

Lifestyle blogs give an insight into your life and your interests and can be a wonderful outlet for you to get creative. You can introduce new topics as time progresses and you discover new interests and ideas you’d like to share.


Love sport? Why not start a sports blog! You can use your blog to discuss all things related to sport, providing your opinions and insights on matches, teams, news and more. Sports blogs can be focused on a specific sport or even a team – whatever you’re passionate about! 

Sports blogs are perfect for sports fans who want to show off their knowledge and passion and share ideas with others.


If you’re embarking on your own fitness journey, or have recently undergone a transformation, you could have a lot of useful advice for others. It can be a great way to keep yourself motivated, while also inspiring others! 

Fitness Blog

Fitness bloggers can cover a range of topics, including workout ideas, nutrition advice and more. Sharing your own fitness journey can be incredibly rewarding, and could encourage others to embark on their own fitness journey too.


Political blogs have never been so popular! Many people have opinions and even insight into the latest political issues, which can make political blogs an interesting read. While many people get their political news and views from news outlets, it can be refreshing to read the views of someone else.

With politics being a part of our daily lives, there’s never been a better time to start a political blog!

Home improvement and interiors

Interest in all things to do with homes and interiors? Blog about it! Home improvement and interiors blogs are incredibly popular, with millions of people looking for inspiration for their homes on a daily basis. Through your home blog, you could share trends, inspiration, tutorials and showcase your own interior design and purchases.

Home blogs are a good pairing for Pinterest accounts and Instagram, so you could find yourself with some easy promotion tools to help your blog get seen!

Home organisation and cleaning 

As well as home improvement and interiors, home organisation has also taken off thanks to Netflix programmes like The Home Edit and Marie Kondo, and of course, Mrs Hinch. People love seeing homes and spaces transformed through organisation, or learning better ways to keep their homes clean – it can be addictive! So if you’ve got a special talent for home organisation or you want to share tips and ideas with others, a home organisation blog could just the ticket.


The gaming world is a big one, and if you love playing games, you could blog about them too! Gaming blogs share anything from gaming strategies and tips to reviews, and can be a good source of information for those with similar interests.

All you’ll need to do is tear yourself away from the games themselves!

Film and TV

Are you a film buff? Love binge-watching the latest TV shows? Then you could be in a fantastic position to write about them. Reviews and comment pieces always make great reads, while people also love to look at recommendations and ‘best of’ lists. 

Why not document your viewing choices and share your news and opinions? You’ll never be short of content and could soon gain some interested readers who’d love to know what you’re currently watching.


Love reading? Why not write about it? Book reviews can make for a great blog, especially if you’re a wide reader. You could even start your own online book club! 


Travel is another popular blogging topic, ideal if you love exploring and visiting new places. If you love to take photos on your travels too, you could easily create some interesting, beautiful content that people will love to look at. Travel bloggers cover all kinds of topics from destination guides to travel tips, providing a useful resource for fellow travellers and people looking for advice and inspiration.

Travel Blog

What’s great about a travel blog is that it can serve as your own special travel diary, helping you relive all of the memories of your past adventures. 


Love pets? Show your love for animals through a blog. If you have a dog or a cat (or any other kind of pet), you can show them off online, writing about their adventures and even sharing tips on how to care and train your pets. People love to read about pets, and pet blogs can also be a great source of information too. 


Are you savvy with money? Love to spot a bargain or are particularly knowledgable about different finance topics? Why not start a money blog? A blog about money-saving and other topics can be extremely valuable to others and can help you share your tips and tricks with others. 

From sharing the latest deals to tips on how to maximise savings, your knowledge could be really valuable to others. You never know what new money-saving methods you’ll discover for yourself too.

Sex and relationships

Do you think you could be the next Carrie Bradshaw? A blog on sex and relationships could be a great place to start. Whether you want to document your own exploits or write about different topics that people will find useful, you could have some great content for an interesting and valuable blog. 

Sex and relationships can be very personal, so you might decide to remain anonymous for yours. You can get inspiration from some other blogs on the topic to help you become a top sex and relationship blogger.


Finally, why not become a blogger about blogging? Many people are looking for tips on how to improve their blogs, as well as how to monetise their posts and more. If you have an interest in writing and blogging, then your knowledge could be used to benefit others.

There are a lot of great topics you could choose from to start your blog. Many people find that while they begin blogging about one topic, they soon start incorporating others. Blogging is fun and easy to get started; all you need is a space and some posts to get you started! Whether you’re looking for a creative outlet to share your interests or you’re looking to make money from blogging, the important thing is that you simply get started and start writing!

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