Green Web Hosting

With over 2% of greenhouse emissions attributable to datacentres, web sites have more of an impact on our environment that we might think.  By taking advantage of our green web hosting you can help reduce this.

Our robust environmental policy and a genuine commitment to minimising our impact on the planet isn’t just greenwash – together we can actually make a difference.

Environmental Policy

At NetWeaver, we care about the environment and our impact on it.  In order to minimise our impact we commit to:

  • Deploy all servers in datacentres using 100% renewable energy with a low PUE
  • Operate as a paper-free business
  • Recycle all packaging and end of life hardware
  • Encourage season appropriate clothing for staff to reduce our heating/cooling use
  • Using only low-energy equipment and LED lighting
  • Encourage car sharing and public transport use when travelling to and from the office or events and allow remote working
  • Train all staff to look out for ways we can continue to minimise our impact on the environment
Renewable Energy
Paper Use
Target carbon emissions

Green web hosting
powered by 100% renewable energy