Green Web Hosting

With over 2% of greenhouse emissions attributable to datacentres, web sites have more of an impact on our environment that we might think.  By taking advantage of our green web hosting you can help reduce this.

Our robust environmental policy and a genuine commitment to minimising our impact on the planet isn’t just greenwash – together we can actually make a difference.

Web Hosting powered by Renewable Power

Renewable Energy

All our servers, and the cooling system used, are powered by renewable energy – we only use datacentres where this is guaranteed.


We operate a paper-free office and expect our suppliers to do the same.  Where paper cannot be avoided we always recycle.

Paper Free
LED Lighting

Low Energy Equipment

We specify low-energy equipment and LED lighting exclusively.

Travel Reduction

Work-From-Home options, excellent public transport links and incentivising car-sharing reduces our transport emissions.

Work From Home
Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Through our partnership with Ecologi, we plant trees and contribute to carbon reduction projects every month to ensure we leave an overall positive impact on the earth and its climate.  We currently have 2185 trees in our forest.

Season-Appropriate Clothing

With no fixed dress code, staff are encouraged to wear season-appropriate clothing to reduce heating/cooling use.

Net Zero

Net Zero

Whilst there isn’t, yet, a universally accepted standard for Net Zero – we believe we have reached this level and commit to doing whatever is needed to maintain this.  We have, so far:

  • Minimised our consumption and emissions in every aspect of the business
  • Used credible, gold standard, offsets for those emissions we cannot yet eliminate

Would you like to know more?

With web hosting from just £4.50 per month (including VAT), helping the earth doesn’t have to be expensive.