NetWeaver Affiliate Scheme

Our most common source of new customers is through recommendations.  To say thank you for referring customers to us, we run an affiliate program which is open to all customers.

Affiliate Scheme Details

We pay £10 commission for every new signup made via your link.

There is  a £50 minimum payout, which will be available after 90 days and we make these payments through PayPal.

Cookies are set for 365 days. This means that as long as you redirect a new signup to our site within the past year, you’ll still receive payments for it.

The affiliate dashboard, accessible from inside your account, keeps track of your referrals, signups and commission in real time.

Affiliate Dashboard

Benefits of being an affiliate

  • You’re selling a service you use yourself, so can offer a genuine recommendation
  • You can choose how much promotion you do – from as little as a link on your website
  • No expert knowledge is required as we will deal with all queries and support
  • There are no direct costs to you
How do I sign up?

Signing up to the affiliate scheme is easy. Sign into your account at and click the ‘Affiliates’ option in the menu.

If you have any queries, please get in touch.