WordPress Toolkit

Our powerful yet simple to use WordPress Toolkit helps make WordPress even easier.  Installing, updating, managing and securing your website automatically.  It’s included, as standard, with all of our Web Hosting accounts.

WordPress Toolkit Install

Automatic Install

Install the very latest version of WordPress, with optional recommended plugin packs, and apply critical security features – all automatically and in a matter of minutes.  You can login to your new site and get started, quicker than ever.

Secure your site

WordPress Toolkit checks your site for over 30 different ways to make it more secure. If it finds any missing, it can even install them for you.  It also keeps an eye on the install, just in case there’s anything you need to be aware of in the future.

WordPress Toolkit Secure
WordPress Toolkit Update

Smart Updates

The Smart Update feature can automatically apply new updates to your site as soon as they are released.  It checks your site before and after the update, and if anything has stopped working, it rolls it back to keep your site online.

Cloning & Staging

Anyone that’s worked with a website will know how it feels to break something on a live website.  With cloning and staging you no longer need to worry.  First, make an identical clone of your site, make any changes to that, and test it out.  Once you’re happy, WordPress Toolkit will then make the new site live for you.

WordPress Toolkit Clone
WordPress Toolkit Plugins

Plugin Packs & Management

WordPress is so powerful because of its thousands of available plugins.  WordPress Toolkit will suggest a few to get you started or you can choose your own.  It’s important to keep Plugins updated – it’s the most common source of an exploit – so Toolkit does this for you, automatically.

WordPress Toolkit Main Menu

Would you like to know more?

WordPress Toolkit is provided as standard with all our web hosting packages, starting at just £4.50 per month.

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