NetWeaver Labs

NetWeaver Labs is where we run free services for the benefit of the internet and open source community as a whole.  It is also where we test the latest hardware and software before it is added to our web hosting services.

Where possible we make these services available as part of a public pool, and both customers and non-customers are welcome to make use of them.

NTP Server

Our Stratum-1, Raspberry Pi based, server receives accurate time from GPS satellites.  In turn, this relays the time to our powerful Stratum-2 server which is available to set the time on all your NTP compatible devices (and as part of the NTP pool project).

Mirror Server

Our NGINX powered mirror server provides high bandwidth access to ISO downloads and package manager updates for the following open source projects:
CentOS, EPEL, RemiRepo, Scientific Linux, ArchLinux, Alpine Linux & CentOS-AltArch.  We’re always open to adding new services if a UK mirror is desirable.

Speedtest Server is used by over 10 million people each day to test the speed of their internet connection.  An army of over 8,000 servers around the world enable this service, including one at NetWeaver Labs.  We currently average 35-40,000 tests per month.

DNS over HTTPS Server

Public DNS over HTTPS server for UK users of Firefox v62+.  Please see our blog post for instructions on how to configure this.