WordPress Hosting

An estimated 30% of websites use WordPress.  Its ubiquitous status, easy to use interface and a huge range of plugins makes it the right tool for many different types of website.

We’ve designed our web hosting from the ground up to be ultra-optimised for WordPress.  Providing exceptionally fast, stable and secure hosting for your WordPress website.

LiteSpeed Webserver

LiteSpeed Webserver

Powered by the fastest webserver on the market, LiteSpeed.  With the latest HTTP/3 & TLS 1.3 standards giving your WordPress site the fastest and most secure configuration available.

Comodo WAF & DDoS Protection

Web Application Firewall from Comodo to help protect your WordPress website from emerging threats and exploits.  Network-level DDoS protection and 40GBit connections to keep your site online.

LSCache Plugin

LSCache Plugin

Allowing you to fully optimise your WordPress install for use with the built-in server cache to outperform any other server config.  Lowering load times, improving page score and boosting search results.

Image Compression

Automatic image compression of exiting and new media, with optional WebP conversion to reduce your site size and improve load time. No need to buy credits or face image limits – it’s all included.

Image Compression
Auto Installer

Automatic Install & Updates

Install the latest version of WordPress in just a few clicks and set fully automatic updates as new versions are released.  Updates to plugins and themes can also be automatically installed.  Reduce maintenance work and keep secure.

LSCache benchmark

Would you like to know more?

All these features are provided as standard with all our web hosting packages, starting at just £4.50 per month.

“I’ve tried many, many hosting companies NetWeaver is one of the two best I’ve used and costs 1/10th of the other I’m based in the UK and the access to these servers is simply lightning fast I love the Installatron they’ve deployed and customer service has also been excellent”

Simon Richards

“hosting renewed again today, 11 years on and still a brilliant, reliable and affordable hosting service who, unlike so many other services, actually seem to care about their legacy customers. Recommended.”

Neil Gow