Public Mirror Statistics

NetWeaver runs a public mirror, currently for three projects.  CentOS, RemiRepo & ArchLinux.  In all cases, we offer this up for use as an official mirror to support the projects.

Mirror Hardware & Software

Our mirror runs on an Intel Xeon E3v6 processor, with 16GB of RAM and lots of hot-swap storage.  As usual, this is running CentOS, our OS of choice,  and the high-speed NGINX web server.  In order to make the pages look more appealing, we also use the FancyIndex module and customised version of Naereen’s theme.  SSL is provided by LetsEncrypt and certbot.

The server uses an rsync cronjob several times each day to update from the master servers for each repository.  It keeps its time accurate from our own NTP server.

Usage Statistics

Between the three repositories, the mirror currently uses an average of around 1TB of data transfer per day.

Mirror Usage

The green shows data going out, peaking at just under 500mbits, and the blue is data coming in as it updates from the masters.  As this server runs on a 1GBit port, we’re only maxing out at 50% capacity and averaging just 9% so there is plenty of headroom.  We’re going to be adding some additional repositories in the coming weeks, so will no doubt see this usage increase in that time.

Use our Mirror

All our upstream repositories include us in their pool for installing and updating their software.  You may have used our server without even knowing.  If you’d like to download ISOs for new installations do feel free to visit

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