Happy Birthday to NetWeaver – 17 years old

It’s our birthday today – 17 years since NetWeaver.com Limited was officially formed at companies house.

27th February 2001

It was a Tuesday, probably quite cold (being February).

Atomic Kitten was at the top of the charts with ‘Whole Again’.

British crime comedy, Snatch, written by Guy Ritchie, was top of the DVD charts.

Hannibal had just been released at the cinema.  Next year NetWeaver will be old enough to watch it.

Quadrophenia, Auf Wiedersehen Pet & Harry Potter star Timothy Spall OBE was celebrating his 44th Birthday.

What happens when you’re 17?

As most people know, at 17 people can start driving.  You can also give blood.

You can even apply for a private pilots license and take to the skies in your own hot air balloon.

We might need to start shaving soon!

Photo credit: Illusive Photography on Visual Hunt / CC BY


17 years is a pretty old company when it comes to the internet.  It’s one of the many reasons why you should trust us to host your website.

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