Climate Positive

Climate issues are currently big news due to an increasing number of climate events and protests.  It’s now over 10 years since we started powering our servers with renewable energy and introduced our environmental policy.  It’s easier than ever to stay green now, with paper-free billing pretty much ubiquitous and a wide choice of providers for energy, recycling and supplies.

By hosting your website with us, you’re not adding to your company or personal carbon footprint either.  It’s one of a number of easy steps to help reduce your impact.

We are not, however, entirely carbon neutral.  As such, in partnership with Ecologi, we plant some trees and contribute to projects helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  You can see the contributions we’ve made so far on our Ecologi profile.  This final step allows us to proudly declare that we are a Climate Positive Workforce – creating an overall benefit to the environment.  We wear the Climate Positive Workforce badge on our website because we think this is important.


Climate Positive
You may have read about the negative effect of planting non-native or monoculture forests can have on a country, and on the environment in general.  We chose Ecologi, in part, because they ensure this doesn’t happen.  The tree-planting project we are currently supporting is in Madagascar, where the following tree types are being planted:

  • Avicinia marina
  • Rhizophora mucronata
  • Ceriops tagal
  • Bruguiera gymnoohiza

Furthermore, local people are hired to plant and look after the trees.  This helps to reduce poverty in the whole community.

Madagascar Tree Planting

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