Why Buy Local ?


Why should I buy local?

Before your next purchase from a large online retailer or a large multinational corporation stop and think, “Can I buy this from a local small business?”

Although you may believe that choosing to give your business to large companies will result in a better end product, as well as more support and expertise along the way, this is in fact not true.

local business owners are experts in their field and are able to understand their customers and their requirements in a way large companies can’t.  Choosing to buy through small businesses helps boost the local economy, ensures you have a greater end product and receive more advice and support along the way.

More support when you need it

With the nature of small businesses meaning, they have only a handful of employees. (Like us at NetWeaver). They are capable of providing one to one support that large companies can not compete with. 

Small businesses are very dedicated to there craft and care about customer experience. They will work there best to ensure that the customer is satisfied with any issues that arise. As one customer to a small business is vital. But a customer that needs support is an annoyance to larger companies. This will result in them receiving less help and support that they need.


Helping your local community

When buying locally you are investing in your community. When businesses receive more customers this often leads to the growth of the company and the creation of more jobs for local people. This helps to create companies that are able to retain more employees and are stronger during recessions, creating a more stable local economy.

Spending money locally also helps to circulate that money through the rest of the community. Local supply chains are created between local business all helping to keep money in the local economy.

One study found that local businesses return up to 52 percent of the revenue earned back into local supply chains, compared to just 14 percent by nationwide retailers.

For more information follow this link to a TIME article on “Buying Local. How It Boosts the Economy”:


Innovation inspired by competition

Small business usually come into existence through the exploitation in a gap in the market. All business strive for individuality. With business competing to be unique this leads to innovation between companies, creating better services and products.

This type of creation and innovation is lost when large companies control the market. As they have less competition from other business providing the same service/product.

How you can help small business near you

Great way to help is getting involved with local or national projects aimed at helping small business

A Large up Coming event is Small business Saturday on the 1st December

This nationwide scheme which started in 2010 has the aim of creating exposure for small businesses during the holiday period and helping support and grow small businesses. By getting more people to buy local.

Their website is very helpful and includes advice on how to help if you are a customer, a small business or a local Authority.

Just visit at https://smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com/

Their website also has the great feature of a small business finder.

Just select what service you are looking for, and what location you require that service and it will show you all the available small businesses

For example,

Follow the link above to the homepage of the website. Once there select the small business finder on the bar across the top.

Once you have clicked on the small business finder, fill in the top bar with Butcher

And the Location bar with Padiham, then click the magnifying glass on the right.

Once you have done this, it will come up with a bar on the left giving the information about the companies like the name and address.

Then on the map to the right, it will show you and the location of you the butcher shops.

There are plenty of other features on the website and its defiently woth a visit.


Even without  large schemes, There are simple ways you can continue to help local small business, These are:

  • Always checking to see if there is an option to buy local
  • Recommending local businesses to people in need of that service
  • Staying loyal to local business




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