CentOS Mirror

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Our history with CentOS

Back before the millennium – before Jacob was even born – we tried a few different linux distributions to see which would fit best for our exciting new web hosting service. Eventually we settled on RedHat Linux, version 6.0 at the time – known as Hedwig – later used as the name for Harry Potter’s Snowy Owl. We developed our systems on this version before moving to 6.2 (Zoot) prior to launch.

When RedHat was discontinued in 2003 to be replaced by the no longer free RedHat Enterprise Linux, we flirted briefly with Fedora before discovering the delights of CentOS – starting with version 3.4 in 2004.  We’ve undoubtedly used every release since then with all of our current servers running on 7.4.

CentOS is actually built using RedHat Enterprise Linux source and, since January 2014, is sponsored by RedHat.

CentOS Mirror

In order to distribute CentOS a series of donated mirror servers are used – both for downloading install media and providing update servers for existing installs.  NetWeaver is now proud to donate a CentOS mirror.  With a 1GBit internet connection, SSD storage and running the exceptionally fast NGINX web server – whilst also backed by our own network structure – it will provide fast and reliable installs and updates for thousands of CentOS users.

If you’re looking to try out CentOS why not download an image from our mirror : https://mirror.netweaver.uk/centos/