Offsite Backup

Your data is important.  A study at the University of Texas found that “94% of companies suffering from a catastrophic data loss do not survive”.  Backups, however, are often neglected.  Small Business Trends found that 58% of small businesses aren’t bothering, with up to 83% of individuals in the same situation.

We take a backup of your account every single day.  It is stored in a separate location, over 100 miles away.  Offsite backup of your website and email are included at NetWeaver.

Offsite Location

We store your backups in an entirely separate location, over 100 miles away.  A disaster or failure which took out our core datacentre would still leave the backups safe and accessible.

Daily Backup

Daily Backup

A backup is taken every night and the last 5 days are kept.  Any restore will, therefore, be less than a day old unless you need to roll-back to an earlier point.

Control Panel Integration

You have full access to your backups in the control panel – allowing you to restore files any time you need to.  Furthermore, you can also generate a backup to download and store yourself.

Backup Control Panel
Raid Mirrored Storage

Mirrored Storage

All live data is stored on mirrored disks.  This means that in the event of a drive failing, the server will remain online.  The disk can then be replaced without any loss of data.

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Offsite backup is provided as standard with all our packages, starting at just £4.50 per month.

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