Email Hosting

Email hosting is a vital part of your online presence.  Too often it is considered as an ‘extra’, tagged onto your hosting account.

We’ve built our email hosting service to be the best possible, building unique and outstanding systems to ensure both the arrival and delivery of your email.

Assured email delivery

Assured Delivery

Our mail delivery system retries your delivery across multiple networks until it can be delivered, then passes the mail onto MailChannels for further attempts – if it’s possible for your mail to be delivered, it will be.

Spam filtered mail

Using a combination of firewalls, RBLs and mail content analysis we are able to block most incoming spam.  You can customise your spam filtering in the control panel to match your requirements.

Spam Filtering


All incoming mail is virus checked before being delivered to your inbox and returned to sender if it’s found to be infected.


Access your email from anywhere with a secure, attractive and intuitive WebMail service.

Secure Mail

Secure Access

TLS (used to be called SSL) secured access to your mail accounts on all protocols.  POP, IMAP, SMTP and WebMail are all provided over secure, encrypted connections to keep your email away from prying eyes.

Would you like to know more?

All these email hosting features are provided as standard with all of our packages, starting at just £4.50 per month.

“Whenever we’ve needed help, it has been there, promptly and in terms I can understand. Netweaver hosting has been stable, reliable, and excellent value for money – I am happy to recommend it to anyone.”

Roger Stone

“Simple pricing inclusive of VAT and really good value on domains. No sting in the tail after an introductory offer, especially if you have multiple domains pointing to one website.”

Mick Turpin