Why Should I Use UK Hosting Providers?

When considering the best hosting provider for your website, you may weigh up a number of factors.

It is likely that cost will be a significant consideration, as you will want to make sure your website hosting costs are aligned with your budget. With this in mind, many people in the UK will consider using foreign hosting providers as they could be cheaper. However, it may be worth paying a little more to choose a UK hosting provider who may be able to provide you and your website with a better, reliable service.

When it comes to UK hosting, big brands such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft all have data centres for their cloud servers in the UK. If it is good enough for the big brands, it is good enough for your business too. In fact, there are many benefits to choosing a UK hosting provider. Read on for some of the best reasons before you decide which hosting provider to choose.

Four top benefits of UK hosting providers

1. A friendly, personal service

When you have an issue with your website or are looking for advice on the best hosting to suit your needs, it is important to speak to an advisor that is an expert in their field and will make sure you receive excellent customer service. UK hosting providers with UK contact centres means it is easier to get in touch with people that can help. Furthermore, you do not have to consider the time difference to make sure the office is open.

Another consideration is choosing smaller UK hosting providers. These independent data centres can still provide the quality and servers that your website needs, but will often offer a more personal service compared to the global businesses. Excellent customer service is shown when your website is as important to them as it is to you. If you are looking for exceptional service and a friendly voice, smaller UK providers will want to please.

2. Free of charge support

An aspect to think about when choosing a hosting provider based on cost is what you will actually receive for your money. The hosting may be cheap, but can you call the support team for free? It is not worth having a low-cost service that will cost you in time and money every time there is an issue or when you need support.

The costs of troubleshooting issues can quickly mount, so it is important to check exactly what your hosting provider offers. When choosing a UK hosting provider, their terms of support costs will be explicit. For smaller UK hosting companies support will be free. Furthermore, they may even have a freephone number too. Either way, calling a UK to UK number can be much cheaper than calling a company abroad.

You may also find other support options such as instant messaging during convenient business hours and email addresses to dedicated advisors too.

3. Faster web hosting (and possible SEO benefits too)

Another advantage of using UK hosting providers with UK web hosting is that your website will reach your target audience (those in the UK) faster. The further the web hosting is away from your audience, the slower the loading of the web page. This is crucial when 47% of people expect a website to load in less than two seconds and just a one-second delay in page response reduces conversions by 7%.

Although not confirmed, it is highly likely that UK hosting can improve your SEO too. The reason behind this is your website will have a UK IP address. When using search engines, they are likely to rank sites with a UK IP address higher as it is more likely to be relevant for the UK audience.

4. Support local businesses

If you are a local business, then you will know how necessary support from your local network is. You can share the love of local support by choosing a UK hosting provider or furthermore, selecting a local hosting provider.

For example, at NetWeaver we are proud to be a Lancashire-based business and love to work with local firms in the Lancashire area as well as those further afield.  We make sure to keep all aspects of our business in the UK with servers in London and Manchester. By keeping all of our business within the UK you can be sure that everything is in the same country as you and that we are a local business just like yours. By supporting local businesses, we can all help to grow the UK economy.

Enjoy UK hosting benefits with NetWeaver

If you would like to benefit your UK audience and business, then speak to the team at NetWeaver for UK hosting, customer support and servers. Call on our team in Lancashire to set up your website with UK hosting by emailing the team at help@netweaver.uk.

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