Secure access to your WordPress website

If you keep up to date with tech news at all, then you’ll be aware that as from version 68 (which is out today, July 24th, 2018) – Google Chrome will begin labelling websites which don’t use https as ‘Not secure’

Google Chrome 68

Obviously, this is likely to put visitors off using your website. Chrome is the most commonly used browser, and a lack of SSL will even hurt your search engine performance!

But – do not fear – NetWeaver provide free https certificates, automatically installed, on all our hosting accounts.  All you need to do is make sure your website makes use of it.

The following guide shows you how to take your WordPress website from ‘Not secure’ to ‘Secure’ in just two minutes.

Step 1

Login to your WordPress admin section (usually

WordPress Login

Step 2

From the side menu select ‘Plugins > Add New’

Add New Plugin

Step 3

Search for ‘Really Simple SSL’, then click ‘Install Now’

Really Simple SSL

After a few seconds, click ‘Activate’ .
Activate Button

Step 4

Click ‘Go ahead, active SSL’

Enable SSL WordPress

Your website will then refresh and you should see the lovely green ‘Secure’ message in your browser.  See, told you it’d only take 2 minutes!

Secure Toolbar

You should probably have a cup of tea now, so you can act like you’ve done something really complicated.

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