Introducing NetWeaver Labs

As is the case with many geeks, we always like to have a little side project on the go.  Where we create a successful project which we want to continue, it ends up in NetWeaver Labs.  This has created a small portfolio of useful services which are all completely free and operated for the benefit of the internet at large.  A small contribution back to the community, if you will.  Here we have a little introduction to each of the currently available tools:

NTP Server

Our NTP server is part of the NTP Pool project, keeping the time of up to an estimated 15 million systems accurate. It is synchronised with our own Stratum-1 server, receiving time signals from GPS satellites. You can read about this server in our blog post.
Our NTP server is available at:

Mirror Server

The original Labs project is our mirror server.  It providing downloads and updates for users of a wide range of open source software, such as: CentOS Linux, RemiRepo, EPEL, ArchLinux, Alpine Linux & Scientific Linux.  With 10s of thousands of users per day this server uses a highly optimised configuration of NGINX to provide updates at multi-GB speeds.
You can visit our mirror server at:

Speedtest Server

Offered as part of the Speedtest service, provided by Ookla. We run a high performance speed test server to facilitate the checking of your internet connection speed.  From the Speedtest website, you can select the NetWeaver server and see what speeds you can achieve.

To access any of our NetWeaver Labs services, just visit

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