How to install WordPress through cPanel

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How to install WordPress through cPanel

The first thing you need to do to install WordPress is logging into your NetWeaver cPanel account and scroll down to the ”software” heading to locate the Installatron application.

Software heading screenshot

Click on the Installatron icon. Once this is loaded go to “Applications Browser” and you will need to type “WordPress” in the search bar and press enter.

Installatron Screenshot

On the next page click the “install this application” button.

WordPress Screenshot

Install Wizard

On the next page, you will need to use the install wizard to configure your WordPress installation. The location section allows you to choose which domain you would like to install WordPress for – if you have more than one domain in your cPanel account you will have to choose the desired one from the drop-down menu.

If you want people to be able to visit your WordPress site by simply typing your domain then leave the directory field blank, however, if you want it to be separate you could have it as something such as by just typing blog in the directory field.

Install wizard screenshot

You will now need to select which version of WordPress you would like to install by choosing from the drop-down menu.  We would always suggest using the most up to date version as this will be the most secure and have the newest features available. You also have the option of choosing which language your admin area will appear in by selecting one from the language drop-down.

Next, you will need to review the license agreement.  If you do not accept this then you will not be allowed to install WordPress.

Automatic Updates

The next section of the installation is about managing your automatic update settings, we recommend keeping up to date with the newest versions as this helps keep your website secure.  You also have the option to automatically update your plugins (good idea) and themes (up to you).

Automatic update screenshot

It is always a good idea to automatically create backups so if something goes wrong with the update your website can be restored to how it was and it’s much easier than manually creating them.


The settings section is where you choose your username, password and email address for your WordPress site. You need to have a secure password, we recommend using keychain or another password generator and make sure they are stored somewhere so you do not lose them.

Next, you can choose the title and tagline for your website, this will appear on the site and search engines but can be edited at any time.  You also have the option to limit the number of login attempts a user can have before they are blocked, this will make your site less vulnerable to hackers.

The advanced settings section allow you to choose whether you want Installatron to automatically manage the advanced settings or you want to manage them yourself.  We recommend letting Installatron manage them for you unless you are familiar with managing these settings.

Advanced settings screenshot

Once you have configured all of your settings you can press the install button.  When this is completed you will be able to log into the admin area of your site using the username and password you created whilst installing WordPress.  You are now able to begin building your site exactly how you want it.




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