How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website?

When considering the cost of a website, whether for personal use or a business, the prices can vary considerably. There are many aspects to think about and price up, from hiring a web designer to give your website a unique look, to instructing a developer to set up a particular function for your site.

For those on a budget, there are ways to cut costs.

For example, using a platform such as WordPress to build your own website. However, it is important to remember that even making a site yourself will cost you money. When budgeting, you will need to factor in the time it will take you to create a website you are happy with (in some cases, it may be much cheaper to instruct a web agency to do this work for you).

However you decide to create and build your website, there are some generic costs that you will need to consider including the cost of;

  • A domain name
  • Hosting
  • Features
  • Website designs
  • Plug-ins
  • Security
  • Maintenance (updates, themes and plug-ins).

All of these factors can vary in cost which can make it difficult to budget. To help get you started, we will cover the all-important question of making and keeping your website live; how much does it cost to host a website?

I want my website to be live. So, how much does it cost to host a website?

In order for your website to be accessible on the internet and to allow other people to find your site, your website needs to be hosted. Web hosting is the service that stores the files of your website on servers. When someone uses the internet to connect to your site, the powerful servers retrieve the information and your website files and allows their device to access the data via the internet.

What do I need to host a website?

Before you begin to budget for web hosting, you need to have a domain name in place. Once you have this, you can then start to estimate the cost of your web hosting.

What web hosting services do I need?

Web hosting costs can vary considerably and will largely depend on the service you are looking to receive from your web hosting provider.

One aspect which dictates the cost is the server space you require. Usually, the cheapest option will be shared hosting. Shared hosting means that customers and their websites share server space. With this, if one of the sites on the server is busy, it can slow your website down considerably. If you shop around you can find shared hosting for around £5 per month and may find deals for paying upfront for a year.

The more expensive option is dedicated hosting which means your website has its own server. This means you have more flexibility and freedom, you also have all of the server resources dedicated to your site. However, the cost of a server is not cheap. A dedicated server may mean a fee of at least £70 per month. However, a managed service to look after your server could cost considerably more.

At NetWeaver, we believe cloud hosting is the ideal solution for most websites. With this, you have connected servers which means when demand increases there are always resources available to keep your website functioning. Offering competitive pricing, our standard web hosting costs are £6 per month or just £60 for a whole year.

What else might affect web hosting costs?

Another consideration is what your web hosting provider will offer you. For busy people having server space is often not enough. With web hosting, it is nice when your hosting provider can take care of all the important details, such as managing the server, making sure server security is maintained and providing back-up should anything go wrong.

You may want to consider how important it is to have a support service you can rely on. For example, having a hosting provider whom you can contact with any questions may be worth paying extra for as you have guaranteed peace of mind. At NetWeaver, we have a UK support team that is available to help and answer any questions you may have.

Costs you may also want to factor when choosing your web hosting provider is the ease of website set up as well as aspects such as the cost of adding email addresses. At NetWeaver, we provide, as standard, SSL certificates for website security, unlimited email addresses and a one-click software install for WordPress.

Simple web hosting costs with NetWeaver

At NetWeaver, we believe web hosting should be simple. That is why we offer two straightforward hosting plans. For those who have only one website and need up to 10GB disk space we provide a standard solution for £6 per month. For those with up to three sites and require more disk space of up to 25GB we offer a premium solution for £10 per month. For both of these options we offer two months completely free when you pay for a year of hosting.

If you need help deciding which web hosting package you need, get in touch with our friendly, Lancashire-based team by calling 01282 901000.

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