Cost of SSL

We offer free SSL (that is, https access) with all our hosting packages, we believe all sites should have it and don’t see it as an upselling opportunity.  What is the cost of SSL with other providers?  You may be surprised!

I searched ‘web hosting’ on Google – and checked out the cost with all the big providers which come up on the first place and here’s what I found (all prices are per year, including VAT and are based on the information seen on their company website today):

  • 123-Reg – Only available on their £100 packagecost of ssl
  • Fasthosts – Only available oin their £133 package
  • Heart Internet – Shared SSL only
  • 1&1 – £9.59 for the first year, then £28.79 for subsequent years
  • GoDaddy – Only on £95.88 package
  • TSOHost – From £49.99
  • EasySpace – ‘Available’ but cannot find price
  • UK2 – Included with their £35 package

So, out of 8 big hosting companies, only UK2 have joined us in offering free SSL for their users.  Why not login to your netweaver control panel and enable SSL now?  It’s free, it gives your visitors more confidence and keeps their data secure and can even help your search engine rankings!