Free web hosting for Scout groups

Following a tough year, largely unable to fundraise, the Scouts in the UK are finding that their funds are tight.  As an organisation that’s been a huge part of the UK for over 100 years, we want to do a little bit to help.

We have a simple offer:

Any Scout group in the UK that has, or wants, a website – we will host it for free.  Forever.

If you need help transferring it from somewhere else, that’s no problem.  If you want to start a new website – also no problem, we can guide you through using WordPress to build your own website.  If you don’t already have a domain name, we’ll register a domain name for you.

To get started just contact us.  We’ll give you a code to allow you to place an order and get going straight away.  If you are responsible for a number of Scout groups, then we can also provide a multi-use code to get them all sorted.

Please, help us to spread the word so we can help as many groups as possible.

Small print : This offer is valid for 1x Small hosting account per Scout group in the UK and remains open until 30th November 2020.  The offer recurs indefinitely.  The free domain is available for groups without an existing domain and is free for the first year only. 

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