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Test your connection speed to NetWeaver

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How fast is my internet connection?

You can now test your connection speed to us. NetWeaver has added a speed test tool to our network, to allow everyone check the speed of their internet connection.

You can check your speed to our network by clicking here.

The speed test server runs on our network, and, like all our servers, has a gigabit connection.

Why does my connection speed matter?

A fast, low latency internet connection makes your online experience more pleasant. Increasingly we need a faster connection speed to be able to be able to access the latest services.  Netflix, for instance, recommends at least 25mbits to be able to stream their Ultra HD videos and 5mbits for standard HD.

Latency is extremely important for online gaming.  Consequently, PCGamer magazine recommends a maximum of 75-100ms.

How can I improve my connection speed?

Some simple methods include:

  • Ensure you’re not too far away from your Wifi router
  • If possible use a wired rather than wireless connection
  • Check you have all the latest software updates installed
  • Try a different web browser
  • Have your router plugged into your master socket

If none of these help, you may need to contact your internet provider for assistance.  They will be able to check for any faults or advise if an upgrade is available.

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