Welcome Rocky Linux

When RedHat announced the end of CentOS Linux, many users were rather worried.  Luckily, 2 replacements were soon announced – and both from highly respected sources.  The first, AlmaLinux by CloudLinux, has been live on our mirror for a while.  The second, Rocky Linux, has now joined it.

Rocky Linux is a product of a team led by original CentOS founder Gregory Kurtzer and is named after his late co-founder Rocky McGaugh.

Rocky Linux Logo

There are currently 114 active mirrors around the world supporting the distribution.  5 of these are in the UK, so updates should be nice and fast for all British users.

With only 4 months until CentOS 8 becomes EOL – time is of the essence to make the switch to an alternative.  It’s already compatible with the popular EPEL and Remi repos.  Whilst supported by a number of big corporations, it’s not controlled by any.  With a conversion script available for Rocky Linux, will it be your new OS of choice?

If you have any further queries, the Rocky team produced an in-depth Q&A earlier this year:

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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