Manchester Website Hosting

Super Fast Hosting in the UK

Although we’re just down the road in Lancashire we can’t fit all our servers in Head Office so they’re located in Manchester and London. Great if you’re based in Manchester and reaching local people as the location of your hosting server has a baring on how quickly your website loads.

We love Manchester – we’re often seen having a cuppa in Cloud23 and coffee on Deansgate. It’s a great city with lots going on, especially on the technology and business scene. That’s why we choose to home our super fast hosting in Manchester.

3 reasons why you should choose a Manchester hosting provider

Faster website loading times

According to latest research your website can be up to 3 times quicker at loading with a server located closer to your customers

Friendly Northerners

The North has a great reputation for being friendly – that doesn’t change at NetWeaver. We’re a lovely bunch and always on hand to help if something goes wrong

You’re supporting local jobs

Supporting a Manchester hosting company means you’re keeping wealth in the region with secure jobs and businesses

Not Just Fast UK Hosting

Despite our lightning quick server response times we pride ourselves on more than our fast hosting. We’re big believers in looking after the environment.
Alongside our environmental policy, our Manchester hosting servers are set up to minimise their effect on the environment.

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