Domains for developers

With most short domains long since unavailable on the traditional extensions, many developers are now using alternatives.  Short, 2 letter domains, officially country codes, are proving very popular.  There is also the added benefit that these also provide financial benefit for the small countries they belong to.

We offer a range of these domains, at a competitive, all-inclusive price.  You can use them with our excellent web hosting, reserve them for the future, or direct them to other services.

.io domain

.io | £52.50/year

The original developer domain, officially the extension for British Indian Ocean Territory.  Used by sites such as and

.so domain

.so | £70/year

The domain extension for Solamia, .so is particularly popular amongst Notion developers due to their use of for their own app.

.co | £33.50/year

This one is originally from Colombia, and was originally adopted by services searching short domains – you’ll likely have seen Twitter links starting with for example.    It’s a popular extension due to the familiarity with .com and as well as being short.


.to | £50/year

Tongo’s official ccTLD, .to, is a common preposition and therefore proved popular with redirection services.  It’s also cleverly used to create words such as

Domains for Developers

Search now to check if the perfect domain for your app or plugin is available.  With all prices including VAT and instant registration, you could be ready to start work today.

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