As we increasingly use HTTPS to secure access to our websites, DNS becomes a natural target.  A target for both surveillance and intercepting.  DoH has been developed to remove this threat.

The Firefox browser, as of version 62, offered support for this.  It is widely viewed as a positive step for security and privacy, but has also drawn some negative attention this week.  Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, have been nominated for an Internet Villain award by ISPA.  ISPA believe that this move causes users to ‘bypass UK filtering obligations and parental controls, undermining internet safety standards in the UK’.  This isn’t a view we, or several other privacy focused ISPs agree with (see here, here & here).

DNS over HTTPS service

Introducing our latest NetWeaver Labs project. We’ve made our internal DoH server available for you to use.  We’ve carefully selected a software stack which we believe offers the optimum mix of performance, utility and privacy.

DNS over HTTPS Server

DNS-over-HTTPS by m13253, written in Go behind an NGINX proxy.

Unbound DNS Resolver

Unbound server, providing the DNS resolution with qname minification and DNSSEC.

To make use of our DoH resolver, simply set your software to:


How to configure Firefox to use NetWeaver DoH

Ensure you’re using at least v62.

In the address bar enter ‘about:config’


Click to accept the warning

Firefox Warning

Search for : network.trr

Change the two following settings:

network.trr.uri to:  https://doh.netweaver.uk/dns-query

network.trr.mode to:  2
(mode 2 is DoH by default, with fallback to system DNS if not available)

Click the Home button and the settings will be saved.  Firefox is now using our secure, private and ad/tracker filtered DoH service.  We welcome any feedback in the comments.

Privacy as standard

We believe that privacy on the internet is important and are proud to have a strong privacy policy.

Be sure to take at look at our other free services at NetWeaver Labs and our excellent web hosting.

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