Free hosting for charities

The UK has some of the most wonderful, kind and generous charities in the world.  Helping every cause imaginable.  However, running a charity is expensive so we want to help with free charity hosting.

We’re offering free web hosting to any UK registered charity.  If you hold a current registered charity number issued by the UK charity commission – you’re good to go.

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What are we offering?

Our entry level Web Hosting package includes everything you need to get your website and email online.  It includes WordPress, SSL, backups and much more.  You can see more details here.

Do I need a domain name?

Your website will need a domain name.  We don’t include these but the most popular for UK Charity use,, is available for just £7.50 per year.  You’re also free to register these elsewhere and still host with us if you prefer.

Charity Domain
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We need a larger package

If our Web Hosting package isn’t big enough for your needs, you can upgrade to a Plus or Pro account by just paying the difference.  You can always start with Web Hosting and upgrade your charity hosting later, if you need to.

We need to build a website

We use and recommend WordPress for building your website.  It’s entirely free, easy to get to grips with, and can be automatically installed on your NetWeaver hosting account.

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Would you like to get started?

You can sign up online for our free charity hosting at the link below. Orders are manually verified during office hours.

“Helpful people, I use them to host my website for my business and do not need to advertise anywhere else.
Zero downtime in quite a few years.”

Bob James

“These guys are absolutely amazing, first class service always answering my emails very quickly and solving issues straight away. Can’t recommend them enough.”

Paul Weller