Can we help you at all?

As coronavirus continues to spread, we wanted to offer a few ways we may be able to help you.

If your cash-flow has taken a beating and you need an extension to your account, let us know. We’ll be able to help you.

Home Working
If you or your colleagues are starting to work from home, we have a variety of tools included with all hosting accounts which you could use. OwnCloud can be used to share files, Webmail to access your webmail from anywhere and Shared Calendars to help plan your days. If you would like some additional disk space temporarily adding to your account for any of these (free of charge) just let us know.

Technical Support
If you are trying something new with your website and need some help, we’re here for you. Our entire team can work from home and will be paid in full if they become ill or need to care for loved ones.

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