Brotli Compression

Keen readers will remember a post recommending enabling gzip to make your website load faster.  We’ve now added a new compression method to make your website load even faster – Brotli.


What is Brotli?

Brotli was developed by Google engineers, Jyrki Alakuijala and Zoltan Szabadka.  It’s a Swiss-German word, literally meaning ‘small bread’.

Claiming to offer between 20% and 26% better compression than the previous standard, gzip, it brings a significant performance boost.  Tests by security researcher, Scott Helme, showed a notable improvement.  Brotli is also supported by the majority of modern browsers:

  • Google Chrome from version 50
  • Apple Safari from version 11
  • Mozilla Firefox from version 44
  • Microsoft Edge from version 15
  • Opera from version 38

Don’t worry though, if any of your users are still on older or unsupported browsers, your site will automatically drop back to standard gzip compression.  As you’re most likely aware, it’s important that your website loads quickly.  In terms of both SEO performance and visitors staying on your website, speed is becoming more important than ever.  This is why we continue to invest and innovate in order to make your website load as fast as possible.

To take advantage of Brotli, and of other speed enhancing tools such as http2 – ensure you’re using https for your website.


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