Anycast DNS

Once the preserve of most expensive hosting solutions, Anycast DNS is included as standard across all of our accounts.  When someone visits your website they automatically get a DNS response from the nearest server to them, saving valuable time to load your page.

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Website load time is vital to the success of your website.  According to research published by the BBC, up to half of visitors will give up if nothing happens in the first 3 seconds. By using the very latest servers, software and networking we’ve made sure your website loads very quickly.  Before a user even connects to your website they need to find out where it is.  This is where DNS comes in.

DNS is usually just provided in a single location, meaning it can delay the connection to your website.

Anycast DNS

By implementing an advanced Anycast DNS service, where website visitors are automatically answered by the server closest to them we are able to reduce this delayy, so your website can begin loading immediately.

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