AnyCast DNS

AnyCast is a method of having multiple servers, spread out around the world – all doing the same thing.  When someone accesses that server, they are automatically connected to the one closest to them.  This means the connection is quicker.  We run our own DNS service using AnyCast – and it’s included, as standard, with all of our accounts.

We utilise the amazing Cloudflare network to do this.  As well as the astonishing speed of their Argo smart routing, DDoS protection is built right in.

AnyCast DNS used to be reserved for enterprise clients with very deep pockets. With NetWeaver, it’s all part of the service.

Anycast DNS Map

Multiple Locations

With DNS servers operating in the UK, Luxembourg, New York and Las Vegas – there’s always one close to your visitors to ensure they don’t have to wait to access your website.

Anycast DNS
Cloudflare Protection

Cloudflare Protection

With Cloudflare Magic transit, routed over their Argo Smart Routing network – our AnyCast DNS service is ready for even the busiest of websites.  DNS can be a vulnerable part of any company’s infrastructure so we’ve worked hard to protect it.

Would you like to know more?

AnyCast DNS is provided as standard with all our packages, starting at just £4.50 per month.

“First class service. Been very pleased with the service and team at NetWeaver since starting with them. They have been very helpful – answering questions, responding quickly and generally going the extra mile.”

A Smith

“Helpful people, I use them to host my website for my business and do not need to advertise anywhere else.
Zero downtime in quite a few years.”

Bob James